Why Cats Are Better Pets

cat-360807_640I love dogs but I just can’t help but acknowledge how much of a better pet cat’s make. They are not too noisy and they are relatively cleaner and they do their own thing when you are busy, of course they do seek attention but they won’t go crazy about it. Cats are just better in a lot of things, the same as dogs are great pets for other reasons, but personally when it comes to pets the latter comes in second. I have had a Labrador and a Cat as pets the same time, and while they do get along, the cat is a bit more manageable than the energetic but lovable Labrador.


Cats VS Dogs

columbus ohio electricianSo when you have a dog, you need to walk it twice every day, clean up after him by actually pocking up his baked goods, and use up a lot of energy trying to chase it when it gets out of its leash. Don’t get me wrong, I think dogs are awesome, especially when you want to play around with your pet, but when it comes to dogs like Labradors, it’s like having a kid that is always high on sugar, getting messy and muddy, chasing them all over the places, and are always hungry. My cat won a prize in a Utah fashion show.

Cats on the other hand are like those quite cool side characters that you always wonder what its up to. They eat a tiny bit, making feeding them simple and slightly less expensive, they clean themselves, and make sure to do their business at the designated area, making your contact with their mess a maximum of once a week. They approach you calmly and gently when they want to seek your attention, and they have this natural tendency to keep their distance when they see that you are a bit busy with something. Not to mention they always come home on their own when they manage to get out of the house, no chasing them down and tiring yourself out. I work as an electrician, the job can be tiring but when I see my cat it relaxes me.


Cons of Cats

cat-meowHaving a cat isn’t all low maintenance though, sometimes there are moments when they decide to just go crazy and wreck your stuff for absolutely no reason at all. They always have this straight face even when doing mean things which definitely make them look like jerks. They don’t play with you like dogs do. They thank you by bringing you little dead things as “gifts” which you have to positively react to less they get hurt. And lastly they seem to be aiming to kill you, weaving around your legs when you’re on the stairs.


Cats are Fun

The best thing about having a cat is, and a lot of you might disagree with this, that they are fun to tease. I treat mine like a little furry stress ball, when I feel like it a play with it a little roughly, like trapping it under the blankets and wait until it goes a little crazy, surprising it and enjoy the sight how high it jumps while startled.  If they won’t be fun to play with, you can at least have fun teasing them.  And this is why to me they are the best pets to have.