Weird Things Cats Do and What They Might Mean

Cats do a lot of weird things, and most of them are way too odd to truly understand, the best we can do as humans is to observe them and make an educated guess. Whether it is their sudden urge to climb on your furniture, crawl into small places, and leave a piece of their prey, or even purr live a vibrating phones everything has their function and meaning. We set out to understand and study these actions and what they might mean, open your minds as you read our different hypotheses.


1. Meow

You might think that you already know what meows are for, presuming that it is merely the animal’s way to communicate with each other. Surprisingly enough, cats rarely meow to each other, it is actually more of an effort of communication from the cat to you. Yes, the effort of communicating between species is actually not one sided. It is also studied that the meows of each cats are actually unique, and only a human who’ve closely bonded with the animal can actually guess what the meow means, whether it is a cry for help, attention, or request for food. My friend works as a bail bondsman in San Diego, this job is tough but he’s saying that the cat helps to relax his nerves after a long day at work at his bail bonds agency.


2. Rubbing its Body against You

cat-rubbing-legWhile it is observed that cats greet each other by touching each other’s noses to one another, there is also an observation in the wild when predatory felines have been apart from each other for some time that they greet each other by rubbing their bodies against each other. So yeah it is a greeting. But there is also some research that indicates that it is merely the way in which the cat is saying “This is my property”, so take whichever meaning that makes you feel better.




3. Climbing on Furniture

cat-on-book-shelfIn the wild, cats are actually naturally inclined to find the vantage point where he can see his entire surrounding. And just as how a frat boy will always be one inside and show his true colors with enough alcohol in his system, the wild cat inside doesn’t go away and will manifest almost randomly at times. So remember that your cat is merely rediscovering his wild side the next time he breaks your lamp trying to go up the book shelf.



4. Your share of the Hunt


Have you ever been “gifted” a piece of what was probably a mouse, that’s just your cat paying its rent, or rather his way of contributing to the household. I know its messy and a bit disgusting but don’t get angry, your cat meant well.

Your cat will do a lot of somewhat strange, annoying, or even disgusting, but remember that sometimes these were meant as gesture of good will, and if you fail to respond appropriately to that good will you have pretty much destroyed human cat relations and could start a war between species… okay not really, but you might hurt the little guys feelings, so unless you are certain that he’s not just being an asshole, respond kindly to these actions and understand what they mean.