My Crazy Cat

Last week for absolutely no reason at all, my cat decided to just wreck my place up, destroying several frames, a lampshade and all of my decorative plates. He’s always been a bit of a crazy cat but nothing like this has happened before so I really did try my best to keep my temper down and not ship Chimes to a random country. Is it because he is seeking attention or is it just one of those insane cat moments I read so much about online. Either way this guy is in a lot of trouble, he will be dealt with accordingly!


How We Met

cat-paper-bagThere is a small store in my town called Chimes, which sell an assortment of different things, form clothes to a few trinkets they had it. One day I took a little shortcut at the back alley near the store when I saw a paper bag with the label of the store on it, I was thinking it was garbage or something someone forgot so I didn’t really pay much attention to it, until it started moving. It was then I saw several kittens in the bag. I don’t know who would leave such cute things in an alley, they were so tiny that I don’t believe they would be able to survive long without their mother. In order to see their condition I let the kittens all out of the bag, but one collared white and orange kept on trying to return inside the bag for some reason.

I brought the whole bag of kittens home with me and made a few phone calls to friends who I thought might be interested in taking them in, each of them told me that they could only take maybe one which was a good deal since it was already hard to keep one, it would be unreasonable of me to force all of the cats to one person. The next day I went to each of my friend’s houses carrying the kittens in the same bag, which they have become accustomed to. Every time I let the kittens out that same orange-white kitten always went back into the bag, the same pattern repeated at every house I went to until he was the only one in the bag. It was getting late so I decided to take him home with me, that bag became his home inside my home, and I kind of gotten attached to the little guy. So I decided to keep him and name him after the label of the bag “Chimes”.


Why he went mad

Apparently His paper bag (not the same one I get him a new one every week) was thrown out without a replacement. I guess he hasn’t really grown out of the comfort zone of the paper bag, it was his home when he was abandoned after all, so I forgave him and gave him a new paper bag to live in the house while I am away.


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